Monday, 11 May 2015

Um fat galão


They look Portuguese.

They are Portuguese.

So, they will be standing outside the Lisboa Café.

That’s right.

And you are sitting outside having breakfast, eating a cheese croissant and drinking um galão.


Ah, the sound of contentment......

Ymmslur; sorry about the crumbs.

It must be Friday!

It MIGHT be Friday.

Off to the market?

I might be.

To buy a fat pig?

More precisely -a copy of the King James Bible, written in shorthand.

Why would you want that?

It’s a treasure!

Anything else?

A copy of the shorthand review, from 1932 and a plastic bag with assorted Littlewood Pools coupons.

Ah – Littlewood Pools, those were the days. Might you, per chance, drop into Rough Trade Records?

Would a trip to treasure trove market be complete without?

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