Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Independent Republic of Fairness.

and an espresso

They are playing good music in this café’.

Jazz with a kick.

The tea’s good too.

Might it be near this underground station?

It might be.

Where are we?

South London - near the common.

How is it?



You can only live here if you wear lycra, running shoes and a cardiac measuring device on your arm.

Talking of exercise, what are the seats like in this café?

Old school, like those in my kitchen back home.

Do you miss home?

I do, I think the election result makes me even more homesick.

How come?

My kitchen is an independent republic of fairness.


Mary said...

Doesn't everyone wear lycra, running shoes and a cardiac [cardio?] measuring device?

Oh I forgot, I don't own any of those things. Though technically, I own 1 pair of runners, I just never wear them.

Anyway, London -- ah London. A wonderful city. Not my home but miss it quite a bit. Great memories there. Love the double-deckers and the cabs but not crazy for the Underground. Makes me want to re-watch the Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch which is simply brilliant.

Have just started watching the follow-up to 2012 -- W1A I think.

Thanks for taking us along.


popps said...

Not crazy for the underground!!!!!!!?
I50 years old, iconic design, as London's skyline gets more and more modern the stations become architectural gems, poetry on the tube, the labyrinth project (see tomorrow), abandoned stations, and then this - http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/the-running-blog/2014/sep/16/race--tube-man-v-circle-line-london-underground-video
Let me take you on a trip...

popps said...

And i forgot to mention the artists on the tube map cover and yes, i have started watching WIA - the first season was a bit disappointing but the second season started well - i think because they added a does of situational comedy to help the sometimes repetitive , though good, character comedy along. Episode two was , ok-ish.
All this is my humble opinion and only 'cos you asked:-)