Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I Galicia you.

many several hours later

Tell me about the underground, start with the man.

He was having trouble with his Oyster card; he was a little drunk.

A little! Did you notice that he was covered in gold glitter?

I did, but I don’t think he did.

What was his problem?

Apart from the glitter that he would probably regret in the morning, he couldn’t work out how to top up the card. I helped him and then we ended up in the same carriage -mainly because I stopped to take a picture of the labyrinth. (editorial note x)

There’s one at every station, a collector like you is going to photograph them. (editorial note t)

And run your finger through them, that’s best.

I hear you reproduced one in the meadow next to the house?

To hide Easter eggs, it’s a tradition – though this was the first reproduction.

What else happened in the carriage?

The Spanish girls got on.


Mr merry man came alive.

Did he speak Spanish?

The girls did, he just ran through a list of words he knew.


Galicia, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Barcelona and Deportivo – spoken as if he was declaring love.

Deportivo is a Portugese football club isn’t it?

Yes, then he stood up, put his hand on his heart and bellowed ‘David Moyes’.

What happened.

The train reached the Oval and they all got off.


Then the Japanese got on.

The Spanish, when excited can be loud. The Japanese?

They twitter.


They got off at Elephant and Castle and the Germans got on. They weren’t so drunk – they had serious conversations and yawned a lot.

What time might this have been?


Northern Line?

Party Line.

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