Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rumble and Ruin.

not regent street or park

This is one of those mazes that you tried to amaze us with yesterday isn’t it?

It’s a labyrinth.

It’s a maze.

No it isn’t, if you go to Regents Park Tube Station and ask the station controller if he can tell you where the maze is he sends you out to the park to look there.

That happened didn’t it?

It might have.

Might it have been different if you had asked for the labyrinth then?

It would be now.  

How come?

Because he didn’t know about them even though he had been working there for years. 

Didn’t know about them! There are 270 of them, one in every tube station, everyone different!

He told me there wasn’t one in his tube station.

How did he figure that out?

He went into his controller’s room and did some controlled googling with his controller’s computer and then misread the Labyrinth map with his controller’s eyes.

What did you do?

Said goodbye and set off up the stairs and along the street towards the next tube station.

Great Portland Street? 


Find one there?

I did, but hang on - something happened.


I heard voices.

You were walking along the Euston Road and you heard voices?!

I did.

Religions have been founded on less.

And kingdoms reduced to rubble and ruin.

What did they say? 

Hello. A lot of times.

Did you turn around?



The controller had taken to his controller’s feet and run after me. He called me back, apologised and showed me where it was.

Bet you were happy.

I was, him to – he had had his eyes opened to the unseen world under his eyes.

His controller’s eyes.

Like two big circles of spiralling black and white lines. 

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