Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Might of the If.

the if of the might

You’ve changed your mind haven’t you? (editorial note t)

I have, it would have been a repetition if we had done it again.

So what’s this then?

It’s on the back of a road sign just outside the airport. It seemed a good place to start.

The airport?

More or less, I mean really it started last night when I packed the bag but here at the airport it feels certain that I’m about to embark.

Might you be embarking from the same airport as the last time?

No, it might be nice to vary that, get up a little earlier too and drive down into the valley where the morning mist might well be hanging about, and then drive across the old open mines that are now covered in deep greens and might be heavy with dew at this early hour.

Might you arrive at the same airport in London, there are many after all?

Many might be an exaggeration but I most probably might. But I might take a different bus, head east not west for a change.


And I might forget to pack my bankcard, so then I would arrive with only a 20 pound note, a five euro one and a fifty pence piece.

You might not get very far in that case.


London Joe said...

Welcome to the United Kingdom.
Have you anything to declare?

popps said...