Friday, 8 May 2015

Mighty Kith and Kin.


What’s this when it’s at home?

A view, of Stratford in East London.

So you got a bit far after all.

I did, and here I met my kith and kin.


She gave me directions.

Might that be the first time you have followed directions furnished by the fruit of your loins?

Never thought of it in those terms, but yes.

Any problems?

She comes from the loins of someone that prides themselves on their direction giving abilities and maps, so no – except for a slight misunderstanding where she had said ‘there’s a subway’ and I looked for a subterranean passage.

I might have done that too.

She meant Subway the fast food thingy.


By the way, I like the way this ‘ify’ thingy is developing a ‘might’ moniker.

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