Monday, 26 January 2015

Tingle Time.

good to know

By the way......have you tried that stuff in the bathroom?

The green stuff?

Yes – the Tingly Mint and Tea Tree Shower scrub thingy!

It’s exciting!

It tingles!

How much is left?

Not a lot, almost an empty bottle it is.

Really Yoda? Where did it come from?

I don’t know, it’s a mystery, just turned up at the side of the bath one day it did.

A lot of things do.

Not always around the bath. And some things just disappear into thin air.

That they do.

But you know, I’ve said this before (editorial note t), but I think there is someone else living in this house that I never see.

They could be using the green stuff.

Damm! I thought it was just me.

And me!

It’s exciting!

It tingles!

Time for a shower…..

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