Tuesday 27 January 2015


unfinished business

Ok the month is almost done where are we at?

Pretty much where we were before and where we were there before that if I’m honest.

Nothing has changed?

Not much.

We’ve handled old beginnings and new endings (editorial note t) though and yesterday we wrapped up the Quiz of Last Year, should we do any of the other regulars?

Like what?

Review of the year?

No; fuck it.

Fuck it, that’s a bit strong isn’t it?

So what, it’s what I feel like, I may be full of nostalgia but let’s move on. Last year is last year, done and dusted and though there may well be hopes and aspirations lying their in the rubble where is the sense of picking over it like carrion?

What about a celebration?



Ha! Don’t make me laugh.

Not in the mood?

Not today.


It’s another day. But i hope it never comes. 

Would you say that you are a bit pessimistic today?

I am a bit pessimistic today.

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