Wednesday 28 January 2015

Don't breathe a word....golden silence.

speak unto me like the beasts in the field

How ya feeling?

Pretty rough if I’m honest, I never wanted this day to be.

Would you prefer you never got here?

As long as I was somewhere, last week maybe, last year, 2010, thirty years ago would be perfect.

It’s just a number.

Yeah, people say that, but you know what – it doesn’t feel like a number today – it feels like everything is over.

Come on, pull yourself together, it’s the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Rubbish, it’s the end of one.


Mary said...

Happy Big Day!

Been there, done that. Still here to tell the tale, to smell the flowers and to laugh a bit.

It's a significant number to be sure but as they say in baseball, it's not over til it's over. My Dad is 90. I wish it for you and for myself. That's 30 more years to enjoy!


popps said...

Go away!
I'm not talking to anyone.