Sunday 11 January 2015

And so to bed.

K.O. - O.K?

And talking of duality, as we were only yesterday, can I just take a break in this stream and jot down something about last night?

You can.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Don’t mention it.

What did you want to jot?

Something about my dream last night.

Did it wake you?

One did, and then the next didn’t. The first was a Class-A worry dream.

Not ready for something?


Do you know what?



This year.

Hmm. And then?

I think it was London, a wealthy and eccentric neighbourhood and someone had piled up a load of stuff to turn out.

What did you find?

First edition Disney biscuit tins, Tom and Jerry too.


A load of 1930s magazines, Autoflyer I think, great condition and priceless advertising copy.

Bit like e-bay?


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