Monday 12 January 2015

Three New Endings

could have been a Decembetree.

Where were we?

Old olds, new news.

Ah, yes, but it’s not called that you know, it’s Old Beginnings and New Endings. (editorial note) and it’s time.

A day late I believe.

Yes, traditionally on this blog it appears on the 11th day of Janaury?


No reason, and if you do your research, (editorial note – same one), it hasn’t always been  been so.

And isn’t today – though in fact it IS today but should’ve been yesterday - so still isn’t being so, if you see what I mean.

Exceptions sometimes prove the rule and anyway it’s only a day late and we did start this part of ‘this’ (editorial note- not the same) on the 11th – so it sort of is.

Anyway – what have we got?

Do you want to end with the Old Beginnings or begin with the New Endings?

I think we should have the New Endings first and the Old Beginnings last.

Ok........ so there’s The End of a Night’s Sleep. (editorial note).

Cool, but remind me that we need to talk about the editorial notes sometime.


Ok. What else we got?

The End in The Middle of Something Else. (editorial note)

And the third, these things always come in threes I believe.

They do! The End of That Moment Just Before a Beginning. (editorial note)

Ok! Shall we do the Old beginnings tomorrow?

We just said we’d talk about the editorial notes tomorrow.

Can we put that off until the day after tomorrow?

You mean tomorrow’s tomorrow?

I do.


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