Saturday, 10 January 2015

An unsure duality.

still life with lamp posts

See! We’ve given them 24 hours and not a peep of a debate.

Ah, you refer to yesterdays bit about Match of The Day and it being a classic. It has history. We didn’t actually give folk the 24 hours that you claim you know.

I know, I know, but there’s no time, there’s a year waiting to get going.

Talking of that while we are doing ‘This’ (editorial note) are we going to honour any of the regular features.

What do you mean, does this blog have ‘regular features’?

Well….. how about New News and Old Olds?

I don’t think it is called that, but yes, if I follow you, there is something like that that might be rising to the level of a ‘regular feature’.

Do you remember what it’s called?

Remember? Of course i do, I’m the editor.

You are?

I is?

Shouldn’t you edit that then?

No I think ‘that’ is quite perfect as it is.

No, I meant your sentence there – ‘I is’. You should edit that if you are the editor.

The editor can do what he or she likes.

Are you not sure of your sexuality?

I’m not sure of my duality.

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