Thursday 18 December 2014

Seventeenth this-coul-be-answered-by-my-blind-grandmother question of the 2014 Quiz of The Year.

seventeenth christmas tree, the little one

Can you IMAGINE just how difficult it is setting the Bitsnbobs Quiz of The Year?

Not only does one have to sledge through the overwhelming apathy that surrounds it but one also has to trawl through the years posts - a whole year of the things! – to find something on which to pose a mysterious conundrum.

The quiz answerer – that endangered but intrepid species - on the other hand, knows EXACTLY where to look for the answers because they have both read the instructions AND the hint and only needs the occasional nod to push them over the edge to the answer.

Here’s a nod – yesterday, today and tomorrow you need to concentrate on the NEWS.

This blog doesn’t ‘do’ the news very often, it is much more aligned with it’s own belly button, but occasionally the news features, and it stands out.

As long as you know where to look.

Which you do.

Because you ‘did’ the instructions and you ‘did’ the hint and now you’ve had a nod.

And you know how to click on a link when it's given to you. (that was another nod).

17) Automatic or manual?

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