Wednesday 17 December 2014

Sixteenth question of the 2014 Bitsnbobs Extremely Difficult Quiz of the Year.

sixteenth christmas tree, the Nordman

Where was this?


The road from the station was cobbled but after it had climbed to the forest it became dirt.

The trees were pine and eucalyptus, bigger than any he had seen before and their smell was different too.

And there were dogs.


They barked as he passed, marking his progress in the night.

Where was this?


It was a long time ago.

The street was narrow, in the centre of the city and the bar was small.

When he entered it was full of men, they turned to look at him but didn’t cease their chatter.

He said hello and they listened, then they gave him the help for which he asked.

Where was this?


The mountains were not high, the day not yet begun but the singing echoed through the valley where the old man sat on his horse.

The air was still chilled and his breath disappeared amongst the pine needles.

When was this?

He was younger, that’s for sure.

There was no limit, no restraint.

Freedom and fearless.

Or was it ignorance?



16) What is biological baggage?

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