Friday 19 December 2014

Eighteenth only-answerable-if-you-read-the-instructions question in the 2014 Quiz of the year.

eighteenth christmas tree, unwrapped.

Does it happen to other people?

To you?

That sometimes you find yourself driving down a road and you think – “why?”

“Why am I driving down this road?”

And then do you find thinking about how pointless all that driving down this road actually is?

Then do you think back to other roads at other times and think – what was the point of that?

And do you sometimes remember going down one path, one road, one way and think – that was worth it.

I wish I could go down there again.

But it doesn’t exist anymore.

But only those road swith no points seem to exist.

And do you find yourself even thinking what’s the point of having this car anyway, I don’t like being in it going down this road because one is the other and both are pointless.

And do you think about pulling over.

Parking .

And walking away.

And do you think – would there be any point in that then?

And does that lead to what’s the point of anything?

And then do you sit down, or lie on the floor and just stare into space?


18) What's the difference?

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