Friday 7 November 2014

The end of one day of the year.

leaf me be

One day’s end.

Gave back the badge, walked through the trees to the car park, swung out onto the road home.

A tractor labours on the slope next to the vineyards.

The car in front dawdles.

Stop in the town; buy chocolate and cake and a magazine.

Sit by the cathedral and watch the light fade and eat the chocolate while doing a puzzle.

Eat the cake.

Drive home.

Stop on the drive and look at the maple, the colour is stronger than it will be all autumn.

Cut the engine.

Cut the radio.

Greet the cat, collect wood from the cellar, feed the cat, make a fire and fill the washing machine.


Or tea?


Or not?

Open the computer; start to write.

One day’s end.

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