Thursday 6 November 2014

Roof of the year.

The phone rang yesterday for the second time this month.

This week even!

The phone NEVER rings!

Only this morning as I left the house, I looked accusingly at the stubbornly silent answering machine that refuses to collect anything for me during the day and I thought – why am I paying for this useless lump of plastic?

“Hi, it’s Bob."
“Ah, Bob, Boxes Bob! How are you?”
“Fair to middling, and you?”
“Middling to fair I guess, or maybe middling full stop. What can I do for you?”
“It’s this letterbox”
“Ah yes, the Bitsnbobs letterbox that I didn’t know existed until you alerted me to the fact the other day, but which SOMEONE other than ye and I clearly knows about. What’s happened?”
“There’s another letter.”
"Read it out forthwith!”

And he did.

In italics, no less.

Dear full moon friends,

The full moon will be on Thursday (or Friday for certain time zones).

How strongly can we control the course of event? Is it worth striving for to compose our life and to know in advance where the journey will take us? Or is it the ability getting involved with the uncertainty times and times again, which enriches our life? Is it better to simply allow the course of events or to create the layout? It is in these conflicting poles of those questions, where astounding insights can be found … 

Hmm….Bitsnbobs is a full moon friend.

AND has something to think about......

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