Saturday 8 November 2014

A 'stop treating us all like idiots' moment of the year.

i moved the laptoptop

I listen to the radio.

YOU listen to the radio, I imagine.

We ALL listen to the radio, sometimes.

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream. (name the film).

I might go to the cinema today… but we’re drifting.

Back to the radio.

But.. Radio Days, that’s another film, and there’s a scene in it with a big fish.

And Big Fish is another film!

Can you begin to understand the editorial decisions we have to make, every day, here at Bitsnbobs? (the blog with an editor!).

Here I am trying to write about the radio, then the cat comes and sits on my lap and then films keep popping up!

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, there’s another! (never seen it).

Mary POPpins! (I have).


Let’s start again.

I listen to the radio.

Most days.

There I am, the other day, listening to the thing and the adverts come on…

Have you ever worked somewhere noisy?
Do you miss part of conversations?
Or hear ringing in your ears?
Does your partner think you’re going deaf?!!
You could be entitled to compensation!
Even if you left the company a long time ago!
Even if the company doesn’t exist any more!!!

Then they gave a phone number.

I was writing the text down on the back of an electricity bill (unpaid) so i  didn’t catch the phone number and I’ll have to wait until they run the ad again.

There are four people in my immediate family, well.. when I say “in”, they are somewhere.. one in Berlin, one in London, one in Toulouse and one with  a cat on his lap.

But we share genes.

(That may seem absurd, but there was a joke there – genes/jeans which led to socks).

Anyway… of the four, how many people do you think could answer yes, yes, yes, to this advert?


This blog has maybe two readers;

How many?

Yep, I reckon so too.

So we need this phone number!

So think back… I worked in a sausage skinfactory when I was 17; it was a summer job.

It wasn’t exactly quiet.

It doesn’t exist anymore!

I think the owner is dead!!!

It doesn’t matter!!

I wonder who pays the compensation…

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