Sunday 2 November 2014

Ice cream of the year

Do you remember your first Magnum Ice Cream?

I don’t.

Should I?

I’m thinking about this because I have just eaten three No 2 love Kisses that the company have issued in celebration of their 25 years of making the stuff.

And I thought maybe I should celebrate with them.

Actually that’s not true.

In fact I had just completed a six-kilometre run along the river where I found myself fantasising about the mushroom omelette that I would make on returning home afterward.

And then I dropped into the supermarket – also alongside the river – to buy the fantasised mushrooms and that’s when I saw the Love Kisses; they were in the freezer.

Love Kisses are, apparently, a combination of vanilla, meringue and raspberry.

As part of their 25-year anniversary the company had released a Champagne flavoured ice cream, which was, frankly, disgusting, but I’m a sucker for a raspberry/vanilla combo so I bought a box.

A box of three.

Then I felt guilty so ate all three before someone discovered that I had bought any.

And I will remember this for a while, as it was a pretty sickly episode.

I don’t, however, remember my first Magnum; it was a pretty insignificant moment.

However, I DO remember my first Hagan Daz Ice Cream.

It was in New York City September 1985 at a time when my friend Bill still walked amongst us. It was he who sent me out to the all night grocery store for a tub of vanilla pecan so that we could add some scoops to the orange juice that we were drinking.

Drugs may or may not have been consumed earlier resulting in what was clearly a case of midnight munchies.

Ah, those may have been the days.

Certainly they are worth celebrating.

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