Saturday 1 November 2014

Sadness of the year.

Rifle shots…..there are hunters near the house.

Day of the Dead.

A week ago, Rémi  Fraisse died. He was 21.

I didn’t know him, but he came from Toulouse and we stood in the same forest very recently.

He was there again last Saturday, I wasn’t; I was at home, comfortable on my sofa watching Dr Who.

To get to this forest you have to drive through the local town of Gaillac, I did so on Tuesday evening.

It was full of riot police.

In full body armour.

They were there to protect the town, maybe me too, but I didn’t feel protected.

I felt intimidated.

I felt angry.

They hadn't protected Remi either; he was killed by a stun grenade that one of them had launched in the forest.

It hit Remi in the back.

Grenade shots……. there are riot police in the forest.

Day of the dead.

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