Saturday, 24 May 2014

Washing up of the week.

The other week i saw a plastic bag with a tupperware type container in it lying around , forgotten, in the office where i work
and just assumed it was mine

i have a history of leaving them around the place

i just got round to doing the washing up of the week

and i realised in mid scrub that it's not mine

obviously i hesitated, do i need to wash this up? i could just put it back?

but i washed it up.

it's sort of white with an orange lid and pictures of healthy raw vegetables on the side
apart from left over food mold it contained a fork with a pink handle

i cleaned the fork too!

now call me a sexist if you want but it looks girly to me (i am half of the male employees in this place)
so i don't think it's Nick's 
but i've sent him an e-mail too, just in case

is anyone missing it?
would you like it back empty, or with a delicacy inside?

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