Sunday, 25 May 2014

A share of the year.

The other day I posted enthusiastically about this blog, and therefore me, being worth over a thousand dollars.

Ok, the initial excitement was slightly over the top but this was due to me reading the figures wrongly and thinking it said a million.

I got confused by the commas.

It has since been tempered by stumbling on another source – here – that says I’m only worth about three hundred quid and by calculating that I worked out to less than a dollar a post.

Less than twenty pence if we believe the latest figures.

So the question is what can I do?

Thousands have been wiped off my value overnight.

I feel like a 1920s stock market disaster.

So let’s pretend I’m still worth that original thousand or so.

I’m issuing shares.

A share of Bitsnbobs.

A hundred knicker a share. (knicker = quid – old school)

You can have a Bits, or a Bobs, or a SnB.

Tsnbs are more expensive.

Let me know.


Lesley FW said...

So now you're trading in posts?
I have an unwritten post I could trade for a bag of leprechaun gold.

popps said...

OK, I'll write it for you, send half the gold up front balance on completion.

Lesley FW said...

I thought I saw an unwritten draft once, turned out I hadn't closed the door properly ;)