Friday, 23 May 2014

First hot feet of the year.

You know those days when suddenly everyone’s window is wound down and arms are once more hanging outside their car?  Their arms  in short sleeves and the breeze soft and warm as it slips over the bare skin?

Well .......I  had the wrong shoes on.

And I didn’t need my socks.

Oh sure, they looked cool at 6 a.m. when I made the choices, a blue one for the left and green for the right but there was little chance anyone would say –“hey I like your socks” even if I held an outside hope that someone that does, might bump into me.

Now I just felt stupid. 

I took the cardigan off at midday – I wasn’t going to get any kudos for wearing the clashing colours anymore – and I wanted to open my window too but the shoes were going to have to stay put. Tomorrow too as I’m sleeping out and won’t see my wardrobe again for 48 hours.

I could go to the supermarket and buy some sandals, I’m sure my old ones are really old by now, but a supermarket is the last place I want to be on a day like this.

The last place ......... other than in these shoes.

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