Thursday 19 September 2013

September's Siftings - The Coathanger

So here again – the grey walls, grey floor, grey ceiling.

It’s a prison?

No, but it feels like one.

There’s a coat hanger suspended from a hook, it’s the nicest thing in the room. It has the brightest colour and seems the most natural material, though it is completely unnatural that it is hanging there.

Why would anyone want to take off, or put on clothes in a room such as this?

True, it is bigger than a changing room but this is a room of boring functionality – it’s name is confcall 3.

Conference call room three.

I’m meant to be in Salle Erable – a much tastier choice by far but that apparently has been transformed into an office, though I’m not sure why – no one seems to work here and the rooms along the grey corridor that lead me here are all empty.

Maybe everyone is by the coffee machine?

editors note - if September's Siftings are confusing you here is an explanation.

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