Friday 20 September 2013

September's siftings - Spielberg's Tupperware.

Does Stephen Spielberg ever put his left over lunch in a Tupperware container? Or does someone do it for him? Or, does he never have left over lunch?

Random questions that pop into my head this morning.

This may seem strange, but I am struggling with the lid of mine and he was seen in the village drinking coffee last week - so our lives are unnaturally close at the moment.

Ok true, I have sat in a cinema and watched one of his films but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in Southampton (England) at the time and Tupperware was still far from my daily life.

I bought my first piece in my fifties, though I’m pretty sure my mum sent me off to University with some.

Among life’s myriad of mysteries the appearance and disappearance of Tupperware containers in my cupboard is up there with socks and the washing machine.

I wonder if Spielberg has thought about filming Almost Close Encounters Of A third or Fourth kind from the perspective of missing socks?

I know, I’ll nip down to the village cafĂ© and have a pitch…..


Anonymous said...

Just brought Harry's 21st Birthday present
and I brought my self a present too
I brought him a ticket home for the weekend
It was easy
So winter always turns to spring
but I do understand Autumn is definitely a time of a few tears, a few leaps and quite a few leaves and leavings xxxxx

popps said...

GOOD present!!!