Wednesday 18 September 2013

September Siftings - A Bigger picture.

Hey Al, I dreamt of you last night, 25 years after.

It was tough.

Should we have bothered?

There was a moment, once the crowd was set, when we asked – ok what do you want to do? Was that an error?

25 years ago we didn’t question, we just did, in fact most of my life I have just done – and that’s probably the true reason why I dreamt last night.

I never asked why?

I never stepped back and asked for a bigger picture.

Is that wisdom coming with age, or is it a curse of age?

Or would old age be more serene if I didn’t.

Or tougher?

In the dream I laid my jacket ‘neath the wheels of the carriage that passed through, even though it was not regal.

But it was a desperate move and one that included you not.

You were toiling elsewhere.

Though you never seemed to toil.

I never asked.

I should phone.

But I won’t.

Hey Al.
I dreamt of you last night.

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