Tuesday 17 September 2013

September Siftings - Satisfied.

september siftings - an explanation and a photo for this on august 1/2/3 if you know where to look!

The guy standing nest to me needed a pee.

He told everyone.

His mate told him to pee on the grass.

Myself and the other sixty thousand plus people sharing the grass roared NO!

So he set off through the crowd.

His mate shook his head – “we’ll never see him again”.

I reassured him – “he’ll be back, he has enough charm to pull it off.”

“I slept with him for years”, his mate explained.

“At boarding school” – and laughed.

An hour went past.....

The French pushed in, ruffled some feathers.

The security passed around the sun cream.

The big guy stepped on everyone’s toes.

Then his mate cheered – his friend was back!

With four beers!

“I couldn’t get to the toilet, it was impossible, but I got these.”

His mate was well pleased, but the rest of us were even MORE concerned about his potential for wetting the grass around us inhospitable.

Then the logo went up on the screen, the lights changed and someone said, ”Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to Hyde Park, The Rolling Stones.”

And we forgot everything – the hours sitting in the excessive sunshine, the big guy who had pushed his way to the front, the group of French who started some racist grumbling, the support act even though he had been excellent and even the pee threat.

And we cheered,

And sang along.

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