Tuesday 24 September 2013

September Siftings's - Ooooooooh!

Ooooooooooh this bottle of wine is goooooooood!

It’s a Rioja; the only thing that could make it better is to have someone (you) across the table sharing it with me.

That, and not having to get up early at the crack of dawn’s day tomorrow.

The body that is tingling with the excitement of the unknown will be heavy with the expectation of the mundane as the sun breaks over the hill.


If only.

Ok it’s half empty; I should go to bed…

I’ve cooked mussels, with chorizo and red pepper, white wine and basil and made a fresh tomato and olive salad to go with it.

But, still only one plate on the table.

I really should go to bed….


Anonymous said...

mussles and chorizo
yum yum x

popps said...