Sunday 28 July 2013

A Thought of The Day - sighthen (noun).

What yer doing?

Not much, sitting in the shade, dipping into the water, feeling hot, working weekdays, worrying about kids, life, future, watching others on holiday, working a bit more, thinking, writing, reading, getting in the water again, standing in the breeze at eventime looking at the recently full moon and remembering once how someone said the moon needs someone to share it.

No I meant tonight, what yer doing tonight?

Tonight? Oh, I don’t know, probably stare at the moon some more, what day is it?


Saturday?! It says Sunday up top.

I know but it’s Saturday at the moment.

That’s confusing.

What’s the point of having a Blog if it isn’t confusing?

Well, the point could be to help The U.S. intelligence services monitor all that’s going on.

All the more important to make it confusing then! So what yer doing?

Saturday night, hmm, well, em, or, perhaps, erm, yes.



You should get out more!

That reminds me, have you noticed?

Noticed what?

The blog!

What of it?

Well, photographically speaking May was all Spanish, June was all Venice or thereabout and July has been all Paris.


I got out!

Hey – I’ve just thought – it would really cool, now that a Parisian July is coming to a close, if we could be somewhere else in August.

I’d love to be somewhere else.

That’s a yes then?

No, not exactly, it was a sighthen.

A sight hen?

No a sigh then.

Where would you like to be?

It’s a secret. Not telling. But there would be a moon.

There’s always a moon.

No, not always, not when you’re alone.

Yes there is.

No there isn’t.


Isn’t. I can keep this up for hours, I’m awarning you.

Awarning, to awarn someone? Is that this week’s made up word then?

No, it was sighthen.

nb - if, IF, there is a quiz of the year 2013 then this page will feature (editor's note)


Anonymous said...

Quiz of the year blog note noted
I am here for a reason and not all of it is as simple as the above x but to win is something

Frances Ha - watch and weep x

popps said...

Blimey i'm well confussed now, but i'm glad you're here.
Frances ha?
Frances Ha?
I'm lost.