Sunday 4 August 2013

A Thought of The Day - elsewhere-of-an-elsewhere (noun), quotervant (adj).

So what’s going on?

I do.

I do.

Well, that’s about it.

That’s it?!

Oh, and I assume you know we are not in Kansas anymore?

Don’t you mean Paris?

Oh yes, Paris. We’re not in Paris anymore.

You are referring to the photo travelogue that has accompanied these pages, and the others, these last three months?

Well one month for Paris, and one month each for somewhere in Italy and somewhere in Spain – yes I am.

Then I do.

Well that’s it – we are elsewhere.

We have – but this could be a different elsewhere.

An elsewhere-of-an-elsewhere?

That could be the word of the day.

That could be the end of the post.

It would be done and dusted and I could go to the bar an order a tea.

A tea!?

Yep, stomach’s a bit icky, it needs calming.


Maybe Vervain.

Camomile is better for the stomach.

Who says?

Well this old woman I met in Mexico about thirty-something years ago did.

No she didn’t.

No, you’re right, she didn’t – she said “muy buen para l’estomeca” or something like that.

I see that in the time we took to say all that the waiter came and you ordered a Perrier.

Bubbles are good for the stomach too.

Who says?

I think it was Veronique, except she was referring to coca-cola.

Some people say it works as a contraceptive, kills sperm on contact.

It’s a bit risky don’t you think?

“Everything in life is risky, nothing would really be worth doing if it didn’t have some element of risk in it.”

Said who?

Said? Why not says, like you said before?

I saw the quotes.

It was Jimi. Quotervant aren’t you?

Very, nothing slips past me.

That’s why I’m drinking Perrier!!

editor's note, before Mary says anything - We apologise for any merging that has taken place in this post, it was not deliberate, just unavoidable. sort of.

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