Sunday 14 July 2013

A Thought of the Day - part-ears (descriptive), to sleeve (verb), transparentness (noun) and a lefter (someone that leaves messages).

Can I ask something?

You most certainly…. Hang on…. You said that this time, last week.

I know; I have a lot of questions.

Yes that maybe so but we owe it too our readers to come up with new ways to slip into these Thought of The Day discussions – especially now that all we have on the blog are these this year because of some design madness in the editor’s office.

Well that’s not strictly true is it, but right now beside the point as well – because I really need to ask you something.

Ok, I’m part-ears.

Do you remember the answer phone?

The Bitsnbobs' answer phone?

That’s the one.

I must certainly do.

Someone left a message.

There isn’t!!!? There can’t be! No one EVER rings.

They have and there is and clearly they do.

What did they say?

I’ll quote – “I was scanning through your blog at random but as usual it doesn't give much away.”

Hmm, I personally wouldn’t recommend scanning at random but I’m surprised, I was pretty certain I was sleeving it.

Well I agree, but then again I know you intimately and I can spot when you’re sleeving.

It’s hardly non- transparent sleeving after all.

You need the code.

True, but the code is there, in clear transparentness.


Maybe the lefter thinks these posts are all there is?

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