Sunday 7 July 2013

A Thought of The day - to pay someone a garland.

Can i ask you something?

You most certainly can, and you most certainly may!

What would you think if someone said you had a yellow brick road of a mind?

I would think i would like their phone number!!

You would?

Yes i'd be flattered. Though i might think - oooooh, we're not in Kansas anymore.



You don't think it means they think you're mad?

All the best people are.

Ah! You're quoting again,  aren't you!

I am.

The Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter, Tim Burton style. Now, WHO said this about your mind?



HER. But she might have been saying it about YOUR mind.

MY moind?

No, mind.

No, No, that was a typing slip, i meant mind - the o is next to the i.



So what?

MY mind?

Yes, or maybe. 

Maybe yes? or maybe not mind.

Oh i don't know, i'm all confused now.

Never mind, we need a new word to finish this, then we can go and lie down.


How about  an expression?

That would be new, up to now it's just been words.

Ok, then i would say she paid you a garland.

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