Thursday 14 June 2012

MI5 and a half!

So, as you may know if you read these missives, i’m in the middle of  “trying to be cool”.

God it hurts.

It’s not me you see.

Normally i would be declaring my feelings, sending out love songs and getting rejected left right and centre, but for now I have to be cool.

The world has asked to see if I can do it.

But my dreams are troubled, if I sleep at all, and my days are one long trudge.

And Mary is worried.

Only the other day she posted a comment, which if you missed it, asked – “A few of the recent photos are not easily identifiable as to location, Are you being coy or are you saying that you don't remember? -- or perhaps you're working for MI-5 and can't divulge your comings and goings? My guesses are:

June 9 -- OFF-Centre Court at The French Open
June 10 -- Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abatabad, Pakistan
June 12 -- The Spanish Steps -- not the ones in Italy but the ones in Spain.
Am I correct?

Are you correct?

Yes! Yes – I am trying to lay cloaks and daggers over my comings and goings although, in fact, I am here and going nowhere very fast.

Well, within the speed limit of course.

Here, then in Toulouse, then here, then in Toulouse, here, then in Toulouse with the only variant at the end of the first week in July when I will be in London.

Then I will be in here, then Toulouse, here, then Toulouse tec etc etc etc etc etc - ad infinitum.

I wish I could speak fluent Italian.

That’s all I know.

Oh, I should point out that the photos of  - 9/10/and 12 of June were all taken in Gerona, Spain – a place I would love to be at a weekend.

As I was during the Temps de Flora for the second time in my life.

A third time would be perfect.

I know a VERY nice hotel.


Mary said...

Spain sounds cool. London as well. Even back and forth to Toulouse sounds icy cool to me these days.

Be cool if you want to but I say 'who is this world that demands that you be cool?'. Cool be damned and if it must come to it, world damned too!

As you may have guessed by now today started very uncool for me - actually just a holdover from the last days, months. So uncool that I couldn't bring myself to going into work.

So will stay home and maybe watch a bit of the Euro 2012 which you have notably not mentioned at all.

Go Spain? Forza Italia? Anyone but Germany?


popps said...

you,re reading my thoughts mary!
Now i will have to rewrite tomorrow,s post!