Friday, 15 June 2012

Re-Invention Sucks!

Mary’s a bright cookie; it’s probably the Italian dough in her.

She lives in Canada, is a frequent contributor to this blog and apparently has read ALL the posts published here – something that makes her hot favourite to walk away with the grand prize at Bitsnbobs’ End of Year Quiz.

The Italian in her just makes her hot.

The Grand Prize, by the way, hasn’t been decided yet but it will be – er - grand.

I almost wrote the Grand Prize is going to be me(!) but -let’s face it - no one would want me.

And at the moment I don’t feel grand.

And Mary spotted it.

In a recent comment she finished by saying – “So will stay home and maybe watch a bit of the Euro 2012”- before adding –“which you have notably not mentioned at all.”

In fact I haven’t mentioned football on this blog in ANY form since the 16th of April!

And I’m male!!

And we are in the throws/throes of an international (European) football competition!!!

I’m letting the side down (to carry on the footie analogies) and it’s all because of ice cream.

What’s the connection between the Euro 2012 football and Ice Cream?


All this recent talk of being cool has lead me nowhere, except to the fridge and I have already eaten all the ice cream, and yoghurt.

My comfort food intake has soared.

And run out.

So have decided it is time to reinvent myself!

Only thing is…..

I don’t know how to.

So I’ve been eating ice cream.

And yoghurt.

And Gu puddings.

And raspberry crème freche.

And chocolate.

And I haven’t even bothered to watch one of the twelve football matches that have taken place in the competition so far.

And more chocolate.

I’ve become non-grand (stand).

Editor’s note – grandstand was the BBC’s Saturday sports programme when I was young.

The fact that I no longer have a television is a slightly contributing factor.



I did accept Martin(my long term adversary)’s invitation to join a fantasy League dedicated to the event and I would like to remind everyone, but mainly him, that I am the (very local) fantasy World Cup Champion .

WORLD CUP – I’ll just say that again.

And that what ever happens in the Euro 2012 I am the reigning WORLD CUP Champion for another two years at least!!!!!

Even if I’m too reinvented to give a damm!


DaveESLetc said...

I was wondering about the lack of footy talk, too. As an American, I always feel a bit of a pretender when it comes to watching soccer.

I never watched it at all until I did a year abroad in London (the year the World Cup was in Paris). I've watched at least a bit (often more) of every World Cup since and it always takes me back. This is my first Euro, but it's made good lunch time viewing.

At the risk of disturbing your soccer-free meditation, it's now available online. In the US, we can watch it at Just don't tell my boss.

Mary said...

World Cup Champ for another two years indeed! Yes -- you are not only cool but definitely re-invented -- evolved to the point of being Zen-like.

Nicely composed photo of you with the family.

Pretty Grand.


Mary said...

PS - on a different topic

Where is the green fish???????


popps said...

Ok Mary, i give in. Where is it?

popps said...

Dave - are you sure (ESPN?) i've just looked and i can't see how to watch a match there.