Saturday, 16 June 2012


Here’s an interesting question – if you re-invent yourself are you still you?

Or someone other?

Here’s another interesting question – where is the green fish?

I know the answer to the first - unless the fact that I THINK I’m still me is an illusion born of someone else’s mind, in which case I’m not.

Anyway I don’t want to be not me.

I like me, even if I’m full of seething contradiction.

However, I do find myself more and more alone these days.

Among the recluses who live in this reclusive neck of the woods of beyond’s back, I am known as the recluse.

Among my own family I’m…

Well I’m here, they are out having fun.

Most of this is my own making of course but, for example, I invited my daughter to go swimming in the river with me – she said no thanks.

I invited her for a cycle ride – she declined.

I wondered if there was anything she liked doing with her dad – so I asked her.

She thought a long time before saying – going to the cinema.

Sitting in the dark so you can’t see me, I thought?

‘Would you like to go to the cinema this evening?’ I asked.

‘No thanks.’

She’s 18.

I was lucky for the time she gave me.

‘Oh and listening to Jack Johnson.’

I hope he’s doing a concert somewhere some place near here soon.

Or else I’ll never see her again.

Which brings us to the green fish.

Where indeed?

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Mary said...

Green fish was gone for awhile from its allotted location on your blog. It's back now but realize that it must have been a sign -- but of what? Or perhaps it was hiding -- but why?

I'll be keeping my eye on the fishbowl just in case it is trying to pull a 'Purple Rose of Cairo' on me.