Wednesday 13 June 2012

Get 'em Off!

I’m not sure, because I had my clothes on at the time, but this past weekend was host to the Naked Bike Ride event that rolls along in various big cities around the world.

I learnt this via my daughter, via facebook, because her cousin, my niece took part.

I can’t divulge this information, least ways not until I get photographic evidence to corroborate the claims.

The Guardian newspaper published a series of photos to celebrate the occasion and although I have combed through them I can find no images of any bum that I recognise as my niece’s.

Not that I would.

The message that seems to come out of all this is that it’s ok.

Which pisses me off.

Because it’s not.


Stephen Gough.

He’s in Prison.

He has been in Prison since 2006.

He’s a clothes refusist, I guess.

He was in the news a bit a while back as the Naked Rambler then dropped off the radar.

He got arrested, turned up to the trial naked, got charged with contempt of court and eventually – it’s a long story – had to fire his lawyer so that he could represent himself to stop them throwing him out of the courtroom.

Each time he finishes his custodial sentence he walks out of the prison, naked, and they arrest him again and lock him up.

This has been going on for 6 years, six of which naked cyclists have been cycling nakedly.

There’re a lot of naked cyclists around.

And there’s me.

And my niece.

That should be enough.

If we are all there, naked, outside the prison – Perth Scotland -  this summer when he is released we should be able to keep him out and give him back his freedom.


Mary said...

Poor fellow. Talk about the punishment not fitting the crime -- in fact there isn't even a crime as far as I can tell. Very tough living in a world that has no sense of humour or humanity for that matter.

Must be cold though to be clothes-less in Scotland, winter or not.

Let's pray he is released soon.


popps said...

So? joining me outside the prison gates?