Saturday, 19 May 2012

A First Sight.

The exact whereabouts of the Bitsnbobs editorial head office is a closely guarded secret.

Obviously we can’t take any chances what with litigation being what it is, so we have covered our tracks through the forest pretty carefully and changed names here and there among the posts to sew confusion.

And it’s worked pretty well up to now; no one has found the way to our front door in a very long time.

Until now that is.

Yesterday as I stepped out to check the weather I heard a strange click.

Usually my ankle is stiff first thing – I damaged it running two weeks ago and I hobble a bit, but it doesn’t click.

I have had to stop running though.

However, later that evening I found an unmarked envelope in my e-mail and inside wrapped in paper with newsprint letters saying only HA! I found this photo.

Someone has found a way through the paths that lead nowhere except where you have already been and now threatens us with exposure.

The fact that only my right arm appears in the photo is clear indication that a demand for ransom will follow soon.

Will the fact that I have no money deter them?

Probably not.

So I’m waiting for darkness to slip off to pastures new.

Every effort must be sacrificed to maintain the integrity of our anonymity.

many thanks to dave without whom this would not have been possible - the editor

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