Sunday, 20 May 2012

A First, (and then) Cut (to) Thought of the Day.

It isn’t though is it?


There’s no way!

No way?


What ?

The deepest.

What, what?

What, what?

Yeah, as in what the F are we, or more precisely YOU, talking about?

The cut.

Which cut?

The first.


Well it can’t be, can it?

Can’t be what?

The deepest, no way!

No way? Who said it was anyway?

Cat Stevens.

Cat Stevens?

Yes, think about your greens.

My greens?


What have my greens got to do with the first cut being, or not being the deepest?

Not just your greens, everyone’s greens.


Yes, what did your mum say when you were a kid?

Bene, bene, bene.

Bene, bene, bene?

Yes, she was Italian.


But she also said I would grow up to like them.


No, my greens.

Exactly!! And did you?

Did I what?

Grew up to like them?


No, your greens!

I did.


See what?

The first cut can’t be the deepest then can it?

I’m lost, are we talking about cutting green vegetables now?

No, Love you idiot.

I don’t follow.

You end up liking greens because as you get older your experience of sensation gets stronger, doesn’t spinach taste fantastic now?

It does.

And cherries, don’t they taste more succulent, juicier and more sensual than ever before?

Each year!

And doesn’t that apply to all your senses? Doesn’t the fresh summer breeze on the skin at sunset by the ocean feel so much more amazing than it did when you were a kid?

On the sea front at Brighton where I went as a kid it was more of a gale force wind, but I catch your drift.

So, it figures that our senses experience everything more intensely as we age.

You mean mature.

Yes, as we mature ….. and so if you get cut it’s going to be a lot deeper than the first time isn’t it?

I guess.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

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