Friday, 18 May 2012

A First Time for Ages.

You know that place on the corner, the one where you can wash your car and they have those really strong sucking vacuum cleaner things?

I went there.

Time to clean up; I had to pick my daughter up from the airport.

Those sucky vacuum cleaner machines are brilliant; they handle leaves, stones, croissant crumbs you name it!

Unfortunately it also sucked up all the loose change that had got wedged under the seat, that I had been saving for penury emergency.

On a brighter note I found under the foot-mat-thingy my daughters long lost I-pod.

Unfortunately, it’s the old model, very thin, and it got sucked up too.

It also sucked up what remains of my hair when I lifted it too close to my head to wipe some sweat from my brow.

Luckily someone washing their car with that high-pressure-squirty-thingy rushed over and saved me, I was being ripped apart.

Unfortunately, they left the high-pressure-squirty-thingy squirming around on the floor and we both ended up soaked.

There was no-one else around, it’s a fully automatic service but I figured I had a personal interest in finding out when they empty the contents of the vacuum sucker so I wrote a note, made several copies and I stuck them onto appliances that looked as if they require occasional maintenance.

My daughter reported her I-pod as missing last August, so I guess that’s how often the interior of the car gets cleaned.

I hope someone responsible turns up at the place on the corner before next August.

I need the change.


Anne Hodgson said...

Lovely towering dandelions!

Anonymous said...

or i we just small

Anonymous said...

no we are just small

popps said...

we are but insignificant specks.