Sunday 8 January 2012

A Thought For The Day (continued)

Wakeeeeey Wakeeeeeey!


Come on- it’s Sunday!!!

Grunt grunt

Ha! This is a turn up for the books! Last year YOU were waking ME up with your mad plans and schemes…

Grunt grunt grunt

Three Billy Goats Grunt?! Come on you’ve been in bed for a week - get up, we need to talk, there’s stuff to decide.

Ok, ok, Ok! Will you stop with the yelling?


Well it ain’t whispering.

That reminds me.

What does?

Whispering. Reminds me of something someone said.

What something did this someone say?

People will believe anything if you whisper it to them.

Where did you hear that?


So, someone said something somewhere and you think that’s somewhat of a good reason to wake me up?

I do.

I don’t. I’m going back to sleep.

Not yet, wait, we have to decide something.

Is this the same something or some other thing?

Something else.

Ok, I’m all ears.

I thought you looked auralful!!

Was that a joke?

It was!

The best you can do?

Oh come on, it was ok, improvised as it was.

If you say so.

Look, it’s 2012 we have to decide what to do with the Sundays on this blog.

We do?

Well if WE don’t know one else will.

Ok, so……?

Well we did a whole year of “Thought of the Day” when you and I have a conversation, me like this you in Italics to help.

Italian? I don’t speak Italian.


Oh, I thought you said Italian.

Why would I say Italian?

Mary’s Italian.

Look, can you stay focussed.

Is she moving?


Is she…, forget it, you wouldn’t understand.

Why wouldn’t I understand?

Because you are you and I is I.

Ah, that reminds me.

What of?

Something Mary said.

Ah…. Mary…..

Yes, in the summer time we got a bit blurred.

What do you mean?

You were a bit me and I as a bit you.

I didn’t bite anyone!

No, listen! You morphed meways, and I morphed youways.

We should be separate!

We should!


But what about the concept?





Concept, concept! Don’t you ever listen?


I said don’t y….., he he, very good.

Thank you, I’m awake now.

Good, so do we keep doing this every Sunday or do we do something else?

Have we had any offers?


Well, we could do it EVERY day - that would be something.

What – a whole year of this insane conversations?

They aren’t insane. Well my bit isn’t anyway.

That’s a matter of opinion.

A matter baby?

What? What’s a matter baby?

Nothing, but thank you for asking!

Boom Boom. Very drole.

Drole? Who says drole?

We both just did.

Great minds think alike.

Fools never differ.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

What’s that got to do with it?

Er, probably nothing.

Ok, so that’s decided then.

It is?


We’re going to do it EVERY day?!

No, we’ll keep it like this, a Sunday Special.

Fine, can I go back to bed now.

You may.

Grunt you.



Anonymous said...

Dear Topper your photos are fantastic really
Was there a quiz I didnt understand? I read the link 3 times maybe I am just not the sort of person quizes are made for... I sort of thougt todays photo was a quiz so maybe I'll do a quiz all by myself possibly invented by me and in the link today I won xxx
The cats have been neutered they are less interested in the front door and actually healing well - which reassures me a tiny bit.
Programme on TV tonight the history of Musicals very good worth a pod cast.
Love you and good night x

Vicki said...

Ha! I like that "A matter baby" joke. I shall see if there's someone I can do it on.

popps said...

Was there a quiz!!!!!!????
You are now reading TOO strongly, probably with "already already listening" as you do so!
It's soooooooclear!
I think :-)
I might give you a prize for trying.....!
Everything will be clear later i'm sure!

popps said...

Vicki, feel free, i'm not the author!