Saturday 3 December 2011

A Christmas advent (3)

Oh come on, not so bad eh – the Bitsnbobs Christmas 2011 advent Calendar musical thingy? (explained here)

Chuck Berry AND Gayla Peevey already and we’re only on the third day!

I know, I know, you don’t feel very Christmassy, it’s still miles away etc – but you know what?

It’s All about expectation.

Everything comes to those who wait.



Yeah, already the critics are in ....... “I much preferred it to Chuck Berry”!!!

Which, i think you will agree, puts a lot of pressure on selection number three.

After all we want to do things better and better here on Bitsnbobs – the blog with BnB – but can we really expect to continually build to a crescendo over 31 days?


So I have sat here all morning with the scribbled-on-the-back-of-an-envelope list - which still has a few gaps and one song that features three times – jiggling, juggling, repositioning trying to find a number 3 that will keep everyone on board the project.

I choose this – partly because of the raw energy, but mainly because if you don’t like Bruce you must be mad.

AND, and this is a big AND , he has just announced his intention to tour in 2012 and he’s in Barcelona on the Thursday of a holiday weekend, in the Olympic Stadium, and although it wasn’t on my Christmas List linked yesterday, going to see him and his band in concert has been on that to-do list for a long time.

In his introduction he admits – ok this is a little early – it is Day 3? – but I decided it’s time to buy myself my first Christmas Present.

Because if I don’t buy tickets today, it’ll be sold out for sure.

Now, who can lend me some cash?

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