Monday, 20 February 2017

The Answer to Everything.

this garden/springtime/ooooh that was two days ago!

M- Talking of National Philosophy Day…

As we clearly were.

We were, sort of.

By the way – when is it?

Surely you should say ‘what is it?’ – it’s clearly more philosophical.

Stop calling me Shirley!

It’s been a loooooong time since we did that!

Yes it has! Ok – I’ll bite – what is it?

It’s a day when you can get to share your philosophical ideas.

Do you have any?

Many, but there’s a little quote I saw a while back that I liked, that could resurface on National Philosophical Day.

If we knew WHEN it was.

We could look it up, but this does seem to be the moment.

Ok – go ahead – what is it?

The answer to everything is Salt Water.

How so?

Tears, sweat or the sea.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Zappa's Mission Statement.

not the D115/yesterday

M – Of course, if you say ‘we should post it here’…

I just did…..

That will work wherever and whenever.

That reminds me of something.


Eat that Question.


It’s the name of a film.

The one about Zappa?

That’s the one.


He said something about his attitude to art that I thought was quite neat.

What was it?

Anything, Anytime, Anyplace – for absolutely no reason.

A bit like this blog me thinks.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Four is Three


M- So you don’t want an ‘H’ ?

When I speak? No, I most certainly do not. I do not require alphabetic stimulus to confirm whether or not I’m spouting something.

Suit yourself.

Besides I don’t think this is our biggest worry, in this experiment.

What is?

Well, this is part four as we write, but we can’t post it in fourth position.

You’re right. It will have to be third! This is going to be weird.

We should post it here.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How many Hs in that?

a wall in Laguepie/2016

M – This is SO ambitious I’ve put an M there to remind me that I’m the one speaking.

Why? Surely you can tell?

Yes, now, but if I go to sleep I might wake up and not remember whether it was thee or me that started.

Or left off.

I could put an H for you if you like?

That’s not how you spell it.



Tuesday, 14 February 2017

An Ambitious Reversal.

this desk/last week

This experiment may be obvious to you, but it won’t be to everyone.

So we should explain it.

I did – I said it was an experiment.

In what?

In writing the whole blog in reverse, so that you can start at the day’s day and just read on through to the beginning. It will give the blog character.

It’s ambitious.

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