Monday, 26 June 2017

The Hexagon of Somewhere.

the table outside/today

That was a good party!

I lived the chicken curry!

What about the raspberry cream thing?

I had three pieces – I couldn’t dance.

There was a jukebox.

I know! I chose The Kinks – You Really got me.

 Classic, did you see how it got the youngsters swirling their petticoats.

Petticoats! I’ve missed them!

I liked your outfit.

Why thank you, I made an effort but I can’t get this gel out of my hair, I think it had passed its expiry date.

I thought the fifties had.

Apparently not - and talking of the fifties what about the sixties?

Ferlinghetti. Ginsberg. Kerouac.

I think Kerouac might have been fifties.

We can look that up, but hey I wonder if he was then when you lasted visited.

He could have been, small world eh?

I think it’s huge, I’m thinking of going to Iceland if this heat continues and have you ever met anyone who’s visited Tasmania?

Talking of Australia, did you know that Gary can throw a boomerang?

Anyone can THROW a boomerang; it’s getting it to come back that’s the issue.

And did you know that traditionally speaking women can’t play the didgeridoo?

Seems harsh.

And why is the grammar check questioning that ‘can’t’?

Maybe it thinks it’s sexist.

I dug up a fern this morning.

Changing the subject?

Moving it along.

So we’re not at the party anymore?

They’ll be another.

There’s one this weekend.

I can’t go.


You hate them.

It’s a duty, one I signed up to when I became a dad. Oh by the way, whilst we are on the subject of Glastonbury.

Were we?

I got a phone call from the field.

That’s sweet.

I was really touched; he asked me to explain Motorhead.

Could you.

Not me.

What’s your abiding memory of Glastonbury?

Probably the sauna, maybe Joe Cocker’s breath condensing in the damp air as he sang, maybe those mushrooms.

They were strong.

You wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them.

How come?

Critical division moment.

There is a certain irony in the fact that you can watch it on TV these days.

The first time I went there, there was a guy in the open field sitting at the end of a long white piece of fabric staring at a TV set placed inappropriately far away at the other.

Performance art?

A statement.

There was a cloud that formed six horizontal lines in the sky too.

The Hexagon of the Heavens; was that the same time?

Or just a line in a Joni Mitchell song?

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Out and About

writing room/gallery/last weekend

Where’ve you been?


I know that, but where?

I had to go to the city.

How was it?

Hot. You wouldn’t believe how hot. Imagine being in a sauna and cooking chips over red hot coals wearing a suit of armour.

Your sister popped by.

My sister.


She never pops by.

She did.

Did she leave a message?

She said she didn’t get it.

No one gets it; anything else?

She said you’re getting old.

Cheek! We’re ALL getting old. That’s it?

She asked who ‘him’ was.



Of course.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

All's The Pity.

round the corner/last Friday

You know that because of what you said on Monday, people will be awaiting the next list.

A-waiting? I haven’t heard anyone say that since my Grandmother was still alive.

You should get out more.

Oh come on! No one speaks like that today.

I do.

You’re an anachronism.

You take that back sir!

An acronym then.

How can I, I’m me!

There you go – M.E. – meddlesome elf.

Elf, I like that, now, where’s this list?

I haven’t even started.


It’ll take an age.

What have you been doing then?

I went for a swim.


I made some bread.

Quite the hive of industry.

And I’ve been listening to the radio.

Must have been exhausting.

It’s the fiftieth anniversary of the Sgt Pepper album you know.


The BBC have put together this extensive look at all the different characters featured on the album cover.

Yep, he gets a moment or two. It’s like opening a drawer that’s full of everything you treasure but have long forgotten, but at the same time discovering something put there by someone else and realising you really need it.

You needed Albert Stubbins?

We ALL need Albert Stubbins.

Bobbing and weaving?

That’s the ticket.

That’s the ticket? I don’t think people say that today either. I’m not sure your Grandmother even said that.

My Grandmother never said anything; she just sat there in her red- wool arm chair watching through her national health lenses.

I don’t think anyone says national health lenses today either.

All’s the pity.

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Neatness of Six and a Half.

the gallery/yesterday

You know this Listing?

That’s the one.

In that case I do.

Are you going to do the other 9 years?

I have to.


Are you insane? Do you know how long yesterday’s took me?

Guessing by the gap in blog posts – the blogap – I’d say about five days.

Well, it didn’t TAKE five days, but I needed five day’s to find the time.

Been busy?

And hot.

So when will the next bit of listing be listed?

Good question – yesterday’s encompasses only the previous five and a half months, the next segment has to cover twelve.


I like neatness.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Port or Starboard?

up the road/4am today

A Better Man than I.
Aunt Tiffany’s Emporium.
3 Monts and The Clear fresh air of Dawn.
Still Waters.
Some of us live like Princes.
A Candescent Victory.
The Fabled Fourth.
Some of the stuff we have to deal with in the editorial office.
The Fourth Floor.
The unwinding wind.
The Uncertain Inevitability of Most Things.

er.... excuse me.

Hang on.
A four year old and a frenchman.
The Kingfisher, Pizza and a tattoo.
The dinosaur, some cheese and a flood.
The Racist.
Bob Dylan and The Moon.
The Thunder, A Desk and a Phone Call.
A Witness to the President.
Eggs Benedict and Masters.
Nervously Predictive.
The Lion, The Wind and The Dream Pour.
Mentioning Minimalizing.
Blue Chickens and Stamps.
Eleven O'clock at the Hermitage.
Tu'be up early.
Fallin' for a Dog.

What exactly are you doing?

Swings, Roundabouts and a Goat.
Whoever you Vote for, the Government always Wins.
A Sudden Collision of Chocolate.
Double Bass Buddhists.
A Dog called Sainsburys.



To starboard?

Weird Weed.


Or port?

I'm just making a list! SSShhh!

Moi non-plus.
Three Oranges, an Art Gallery and an Onion.
The Bottle in a Message©.
The Eucalyptus Grove in The Canyon.
A Bat, A Cat and Moscow
A Trolly-Dolly on a Barstool.
The Fiddle and the Fire Estinguisher.
Saying Farewell to St Patrick.
Trouble Hanging the Guernica.
Mañana por la Mañana.
The Golden Age of Once Before.
Unassailable Certainty?
The Totally Transcendental Turtles.
The Lesser the People, the Greater the Opportunity.
No Way Back.
Art tu Brut(e).
One Old Thing after Another.

Shouldn't you be saying something about Grenfell Tower?

I'm not the Prime Minister.

You used to live up the road from it.

Or The Queen.

As the Madrileños.
Earlier that same night.
One Noisy Night in Springtime.
Once again - experimentos.
The N'th Part.
Two, er, three, - of Four - a smallish experiment.
Love Roses.
Ne pas s'entrepeneur du cours de sa vie, est réduire l'existence à un simple accident.
Minimum Cinnamon.
And the Award Goes To!
No Smoke Without a Homely Fire
Academy Drop.
Pablo and his Oscar.
Backwards and Forwards.
The Right Now of Difficult.
An Opposite Temporal Concept.
The aforementioned.
The Answer to Everything.
Zappa's Mission Statement.

Look - it hurts ok. Wherever it is, when ever it is. I don't want a world like that.

Four is Three.
How many Hs in that?
An Ambitious Reversal.
Today, the new Tomorrow.
To Think Backwards.
The Impossible Mindreader.
The Mis-Spelt Snowball.
A Sad State.

And i don't want the blog to become a site of sadness.

So, you're listing?

Takes my mind of it.

The Uncertainty of Everything.
Tongue in Cat.
As Deep as Deep is.
Our Blesséd Lady's Alcove (and a Man Mountain).
Of 3 Films and 2 Unexpected Gifts.
Green Veg and Scum.
Tom and Dick.
Erroneously Filed Files.
Chet (the cat) in the Hat.
Curious Curating.
The Occasional Museum.                                    
A Semantic Choice.
Significant Pressure.
Candles, Cakes and Wishes.
The Catalogued Eclair.
A Bunch of old Rust.
One of a Kind.
Maybe Not.

Maybe it's better to KEEP our minds on it?

My mind IS on it, i just want these pages to be something different than an outpouring of grief. But it's pouring out of me every time. Nice, Paris, Manchester, Sweden - we are all connected to it all.

Ok, Just thought i'd ask.

A Retrospective Year of Significant Detail.
The New York Bus Boy.
Concerete and Roses.
Unnatural Togetherness.
The Inexactness of the New Year.

How long is this going to last?

Well, that takes me back to the beginning of the year. There are YEARS more.

What's this a list of?

Titles. I want to see if i've been repeating myself.

Blimey! I could tell you that without you listing. Maybe stop for today?

Good idea, let's go for a swim.

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