Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Front Step of The Mue.

caldes d'estranc/september

What’s this?

This, mate, is a piece of unexpected donation; it’s going straight on display in The Mue.

Where was it donated?

In a car park about an hour north of Barcelona, next to the guy who sells melons.

I didn’t know you could donate there.

You can donate anywhere you like; it just might take some time before I find it.

So this was really unexpected?

It always is! This time I was looking for a melon.

Did you find a melon too?

I did, but I have eaten it already.

Where are you going to put this, The Mue must be getting full up?

Not at all, we keep finding new places we didn’t know about.


The green armchair in the corner, it’s huge!!

Are you going to put it there?

No, I’m placing it right here on the front step.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Yonks, hours and minutes.


You haven’t written anything on this blog for yonks!

Not true, it’s been a matter of days only.

Yonks, days, whatever.....nothing since Tuesday and the Dystopin Nightmare.

Yep, sorry about that, it probably should have been DystopiAn, should I correct it?

No, I don’t expect anyone noticed and it has a nice ring to it. It looks deliberate.


But it has still been too long.

I’ve been busy – I wrote three posts for next year’s blog.

Next years?

Well, this blog but next year. I told you I had a good idea.

Maybe, but we want something to read now.



So, what’s this big idea?

I can’t tell you, but it’s almost done.


I need one more circle.


It’s called Circles.

What is?

This blog next year.

You’re changing Bitsnbobs?

No, I mean that the posts on this blog next year are/will be collectively known as The Circles.

Bitsnbobs, the blog with circles?

That’ll be it.

Future link?

editors note - there will be

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dystopin Nightmare.

Barcelona/end of september

What did you make of that?

I hated it.

Why did you go?

It looked promising, a sci-fi thriller, it could have been right up my alley.


It was right up it’s own…

Ok, ok, calm yourself.

It was disturbing; dystopia hardly does it justice.

Why didn’t you leave?

Three times I was close to, and anyway I was still the first out of the cinema.

How was it disturbing?

A surveillance and control future, that is a mere trip away from where we stand. Frightening how close it felt.


With that came an overwhelming power of helplessness. That, coupled with a pretty weak plot and heavy handed dramatic development, left me bored, disappointed and a little incredulous.


That someone had chosen to finance this.


And then the – thirty years later – what a cop out!

A lot of films do that.

Rarely a good sign.

Was there nothing positive?

No. I mean, yes. Yes- there was NOTHING positive.

Ok. Shall we name it?

It’s not the worst film you’ve ever seen though is it?


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

An Unconventional Angel.

Barcelona/a few days ago

Yes, you wanted to know something.

Yes, I’m interested… did he go outside and discuss things with the hovering apparition or not?

Hang on, let’s have a look. Next to the garage, a willow tree planted by Patrick’s long dead father seemed as good a place as any to discuss his destiny, so Patrick sat down against the trunk. Well, it seemed that he did.

And what happened?

Looking up he saw the night sky with thousands of questioning stars and he could feel the soft breeze of a late summer’s night against his skin.

You just changed something - ‘questioning’  - that’s not what it says in the original.

No, it says ‘dazzling’, it seemed a bit cliché when I read it.

But why questioning? I’m not sure you can have questioning stars?

Maybe I’ll change it again, anyway, there’s more.

Carry on.

The angel, for Patrick had decided to call the visitor by that name, hovered above him and looking down asked – “why were you in the garage with no clothes on at this hour?”

He was naked?


“I couldn’t sleep”, explained Patrick, “I was too hot and too worried.”

What was he worried about?

That’s what the angel said, look – “What worries you?” inquired the angel, though if truth be told she already knew.

I thought angels were male?

This one is female.

Is that important?

I don’t know, I’m not sure where this tale is heading.

It’s unconventional.

An unconventional angel.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Over Zealous Greengrocer.

Barcelona Town/couple of sundays back

Hey your sister just rang.


No, she sent an e-mail.

Why did you say she just rang?

It sounded snappier.

A crocodile sounds snappy, you just sound daft. What did  say, and WHY are you reading my e-mails!

I’m your secretary.

You are?

I could be.

I’d prefer it if you were my partner, in a non-romantic way.

Ok, anyway, she asked you about the bullfight.

The bullfight! That was over fifty years ago, how could she remember that?

She wasn’t there.


She said it must have been traumatising.

I’ll never go to one ever again.

There was blood on the street Monday morning a week ago in Barcelona, did you see it?

I tried not to; it was covered in sawdust. It might have been paint.

It might have been a tomato that had been dragged along the pavement by an over zealous greengrocer but I doubt it.

I doubt that too.

By the way, I wanted to ask you about Patrick.

Patrick O’Malley?

That’s the one.

Could you ask me tomorrow? I’ve just opened a bottle of wine and put Kind of Blue on the turntable.

You could. Do you still have a turntable?

Don’t you?

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