Sunday, 4 December 2016

A Farewell of A Christmas Musical Advent Calendar (2016) 24.

It’s four in the morning, the end of December….
Actually it’s not.

It’s early evening and it’s late middle October, late December as this surfaces from archives beyond onto the blog.

New York is cold now….

That I don’t know; it might be.

As I write it’s not only late middle October and early evening it’s also NOT New York and it’s not cold.

Although I have lit a fire it’s only for the cozyness; the day has been mild to magnificent with blue skies that make you sigh out loud at the beauty of the things.


I can’t believe that I haven’t slipped this into any of the previous Bitsnbobs Musical advent Calendar Thingys – and there have been a few – as it is so perfectly early December-ish despite the lyrics.

Though as you will see, timing is everything.

What I mean is that the Thingy likes to get Wintery before it gets Tinsely and the touch here is certainly Wintery.

Today though it is Octobery, trees cascading into yellow as I drive to and from the vets.

To – to get the dressing off the cats leg to look at the stitches…

From… to take him home with one of those funnels on his head to stop him pulling the stitches out with his teeth.

The original dressing - expertly administered by the vet – consisted of a bandage heavily printed with the message ‘DON’T CHEW’.

I had to laugh.

Surely they knew he couldn’t read.


I mean he’s smart – it took him thirty minutes to get it off – but he’s not a reader.

Not smart enough to get out of the plastic funnel either.


At the moment he thinks it’s something coming toward him so he is walking backwards all the time.

I guess he’ll get used to it.

Anyway – in the car I listened to Leonard.

He’s been in the news this week (October).

Because of Bob.

Bob got given the Nobel Prize for literature, and Leonard said it’s like pinning a medal on Everest to say Everest is the biggest mountain.

Wise man Leonard.

Missed now, so this has become a little tribute.

And a pensive note for Christmas Eve.

So……. /Everest/Leonard/Bob/Cat/Car...and Goodbye – that’s how the Bitsnbobs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy gets done/dusted/brought to your door.

Thanks for the trouble you took.

A Beach of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 4.

I get the feeling that people don't understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears goes into Bitsnbobs.

The blog with tear ducts, skin and arteries.

So i thought i'd tell you.

It's September, eclipse of the harvest coming in a few days time and the temperature is in the thirty degree C ball park.

Too hot to be thinking about Christmas eh?

This came on the radio and the editorial staff jumped into action  - hey guy (there was only me in the office)!

Yes, out came the pens and paper - or maybe the laptop - and quickly we set up the fourth segment of the  Bitsnbobs 2016 Musical Advent Calendar Thingy.

Then we went back to thinking about the beach.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

A List of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 3.

Ok, I have to admit at least three things.

1) This ditty is, in the opinion of the Editorial Staff, not up to the usual high demands of the Melody Subsection Staff whose job is to see if they are whistling the thing the next day. But it IS very, very Christmassy in its content – something that is not always directly achieved here on the Bitsnbobs Musical Christmassy Advent Calendar Thingy.

2) It is over thirty degrees on a late August Summer’s Day as I write, and the fact that I have just heard this on the radio suggests I should really jot something down now - because by December I
will be struggling for not-used-before Bitsnbobs Musical Christmassy Advent Calendar Thingy content. (BaMCACTC).

3) I have NO recollection of why the first two posts in this year’s BaMCACT
have titles like A Blancmange of…. Or, A Phone Call of…. 

Both of those posts were written back at the beginning of the year (Feb and March
respectively) in anticipation and expectation. 

Something that I think we can all agree is quite Christmassy spirit-y. 

So… I guess I’d better re-read them….

.. ok, got it!

Ah , ok, so that makes this one…..

Friday, 2 December 2016

A Phone call of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016 ) 2

Hey - why not write the second post in the 2016 Christmas Musical Advent Calendar right now?

Because it's March?

The twelfth?

No time like the present eh?

Why put off 'till tomorrow what can be done today?


I was driving to work yesterday, listening to a home made collection of ditties and this one came on, and i thought - hey they are talking frost, they are talking tinsel - this could be in the next Thingy.

Then i thought is it?

I thought that 'cos the thingy gets archived - sometimes from the year before.

So i rang Bob.

Hi Bob - it's me.
Hi, how's tricks?
Tricks are good - and you you?
Mustn't grumble, do you need a box?
I need someone to look in the 'Next Thingy' Box, are Field Report in there?
Hang on......much maligned..... mysterious stuff..... new olds.... here it is 'Next Thingy'........ no they aren't.
Ok thanks. say hello to the twins.
I will, oh by the way Ms Penny is knitting you some socks for Christmas.
That's brilliant, tell her ... er... tell.... um...
Yes. Tell her yes.
Ok, be speaking, or seeing, take care.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Blancmange of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 1

It's Feb 13th, the day before Valentines's Day - an auspicious time at the best of.

It's been raining the last week, the world outside is a flood but for now it seems to have abated and the day awaits.

A wind is blowing, springlike or winter-like i cannot tell from where i sit.

But the sky is grey and my thoughts have drifted to Christmas.

Hope knows why.

And i just stumbled upon this and i thought - hey, i could use that in the next Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy, whenever and whenever that lies.

It lies here!

The Thingy is not EXACTLY a perennial feature of BitsnBobs - the blog that has roots - but it's as close as we almost get.

And the Thingy Starts here!

And the Thingy starts with a bit of noisy jazz.

Because that how it is - The Thingy is noise and it's a jazzy melange.

As long as you understand jazzy in an adjectively way to mean something like bitsnbobsy.

And as long as you don't understand melange to mean blancmange.

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