Saturday 17 December 2011

A Christmas advent (17)


 Ok, NOW I’m getting reeeeeeeally excited about Christmas, I feel like a little kid again – How long do we have to wait? 

 Yeah, yeah, I still have two days work next week but I’ve started thinking about wrapping paper! 

 So it’s time to change gear here on the Bitsnbobs (the blog with gears) Christmas Advent Musical Thingamajig. 

 I’ve ripped up the scribbled notes! 

 I’ve revised the list! 

  Checked it twice and decided to shake things up a bit. 

 At the beginning I said, and I quote – “a nice collection of classics (yes Slade are in there), festive cheer and hopefully a few surprises.” – but now I’m not sure. Slade might not make it. I mean, they would be what you would expect, no? 

 Here on Bitsnbobs (the blog that defies expectation) (I hope) we are going to try more surprise, less classic. 

 Incidentally - here’s a thought – do I need to use quotation marks if I’m quoting myself? (See above)

 Anyway - on the original list for this December special one song featured three times. It has survived the tearing up and revising. It’s a mini-special IN a special. 

 A trilogy. 

 A holy trilogy if you like. 

 Here’s part one.


Anonymous said...

you just know how to pick em!!!
love this toooooo

Vicki said...

So is Slade going to make it or not? And what about 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' because, hammy or not, Judy is sure to bring a tear to my eye.

popps said...

well both are on the original back of the envelope list..... but.... sands are shifting....;
stay tuned.