Sunday 18 December 2011

A Christmas advent (18) (thought of the day 46)

Blimey! Did you see that?

A Christmas Advent Number 3!!
What about it?

They took the video off of Youtube!

Copyright Claim!

And there’s more, guess who made the claim!


No! Stupid.
Who then?

Billy Graham!
Billy Graham?

Well Billy Graham's people. That's Sunday for you!
Is he alive?

Is Jesus?
Fair point; what’s his beef?

He might be vegetarian too you know.
Come on; let’s not start that again, what’s the problem?

I don’t know, but I’ve fixed it.
You’ve fixed it?

I’ve fixed it; I found a new link, copied, pasted and ‘tis done.

And ‘tis better!

It’s got an intro!
Wow – let’s check it out.

check, check, check………


There’s something else.
There is?

Yes! You! Yesterday!
The three Y’s men?

He he he he he . No. WHY?
Why what?

Why did you say - “here’s a thought” when it wasn’t Thought of The Day – which is today.
I was laying a foundation.

You were?
I was.

Did it hurt?
He he he he he .

A foundation for whta?
Don’t you mean what?

Yes, sorry my fingers were going too quiclky. Er, quickly.

YES! Christmas is excitinnnnnnng! What foundation?
A foundation for the trilogy.

Ah yes, the holy trilogy! And we’re in the middle! Part two!
Part two.

And we have to be the most holy – right? Because it’s Sunday, an official Sunday of Advent and we are responsible for the Sundayness aren’t we?
We are.

And I invented the word didn’t i?
Did you?

I’m not sure. Let me check……..

Check check check…..

No it was me!

Are you sure?
Yes, look here.

Ok, ok, but I said it straight after you!
You did.

And there’s something else!
A third thing?

Yes a TRILOGY of things!!!!
Ok, good, shoot.

Tell me!

Christmas Day is a Sunday!

So it will be us!

The specialist bit of the special!!
Hmmmmm – we had better start thinking!


Think… think ….thinkthink

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