Friday 2 December 2011

A Christmas advent (2)

Ok – if you are keeping up you will know that;

a) It’s December.

b) This is Bitsnbobs – the blog with bits, bobs and the N factor.

c) Yesterday we (the team and I) started the Bitsnbobs 2011 Advent Calendar where you open up the portal and get a little jingle.

d) This is the second in a 31 part series because even though Advent usually finishes on the 24 it has been decided that here in Bitsnbobs land we are going right through to the end of the year!


I wanted to get this one out of the way early.

Not because I want one for Christmas – My letter to Santa is here – but because it is so so so bad I’m, embarrassed to include it.

But let’s face it - finding 31 songs has not been easy.


Vicki said...

I'd never heard it before and loved it. Much prefered it to Chuck Berry. Looking forward to the next 29.

Vicki said...

PS. Fingers crossed that you get another shopping trip with your daughter this year.

popps said...

Yeah i have to admit it's growing on me now that i've posted it and some of the rhymes, are fines.
I have my fingers crossed too.

Anne Hodgson said...

The N-factor?? Yes, I know, the the 'n' ... but there might just be more to it, right? Nice Noel Noise? ;-)

popps said...

No i'm afraid it was just that 'n.
pathetic eh?
I was trying to develop a theme.... thE blog with etc
I've tried bits, blobs, etc etc and that was my latest attempt.