Thursday 1 December 2011

A christmas advent (1)

And then – BAM! – It’s December!

Seems like only yesterday I was writing this -

Actually, it seems like only yesterday that I was cutting this- - but since I saw you this morning and you are now sweet sixteen, and never really been kissed before, it can’t have been yesterday.

It must, I grumblingly accept, be about 16 years ago.

But I drift!!!

It’s December!

Thank god November is over – what a month – brilliant skies but……….

Let’s not dwell – let’s look ahead – wow – a whole month!

Christmas is coming!

The end of the year!



Now – here on Bitsnbobs – the blog with what’s-its-name – we like to mark the month in someway.

I think the most successful attempt was the filmed advent calendar of 2009.

You can relive it here – though remember it gets better as the month progresses, and I get to grips with the camera and editing and stuff.

This year – yes – here we go – I’ve decided that the “door” of the advent calendar is the Bitsnbobs portal itself.

If you come, open the door, each day there will be a little treat.

Yes year it’s going to be musical.

Every day a little “Christmassy” musical treat.

Ok, not particularly original, but it will be a nice collection of classics (yes Slade are in there), festive cheer and hopefully a few surprises.

Of course the boffins in research and design have said – “hang on sunshine, advent, 24, doesn’t that leave an awkward gap at the end of the year?”



Ok – 31 musical posts to take us into the New Year.

Bearing in mind that none of us are feeling Christmassy at the moment, I will try to build to a nice cosy Christmassy feel of firelight and friendship along the way.

And to kick off we start with this – yeah I know it’s not Christmassy as such – but it fits the beginning of the post, gets us geared up to the idea and it’s in black and white.

Christmas should be black and white.

With maybe just a dash of red and green here and there.

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