Tuesday 22 November 2011

Basil Perception

There’s a guy down the market – big guy, has a vegetable stand.

Sells pumpkins, tomatoes, spinach, red cabbage, garlic – great garlic - beans, potatoes - sweet ones too - lettuce, rocket….

And basil.

Fresh basil.

Gathered at dawn -still touched with dew.

I bought some on Sunday and big guy said –

“That’s two weeks longer than last year.”

The autumn has been brilliant, still is, and the extra basil is just one of those treats.

When Tom was here in the late summer we bought some basil.

Tom said – “That basil smells like it wants to make love with you.”

You can’t argue with a professor of visual perception.


Vicki Hollett said...

Oh but in this case, I think you can. It's a professor of olfactory perception that you wouldn't be able to argue with.

popps said...

A pertinent point professor(a)!