Wednesday 23 November 2011

From the Archives 3

From the Archives is an ongoing, yet very occasional section of this blog, where I send the office staff out and ask them to trawl through the unpublished half ideas, mostly ignored and forgotten that end up in “my documents”,

On days like today, near the fag end of the year, when I am bereft of inspiration I dust them off and publish them.

But that’s all, they are just dusted – they remain half ideas that probably should remain ignored and forgotten.

The first in the series was ok-ish; the second was a mess.

This is the third.

I went to that new supermarket today –you know, the one on the edge of town, bigger than four ordinary size supermarkets stuck together, where the staff use Vespas to get from one end of the aisle to the other.

And there was NOTHING that I can’t find in my local corner shop - just a lots more of it.

And Vespas.

There didn’t seem to be may people shopping so either everyone had already discovered there was nothing new or else it was lunchtime.

It WAS lunchtime so I bought a plate of something and sat at the edge of the cafĂ© and watched all the people who weren’t there, not walking by.


Vicki said...

Some things are worth repeating - and this was one of them. :-)

popps said...

Now Vicki, does that mean that you - an astute and hono(u)red reader have read this before - i thought i had checked everywhere - or does it mean it mad you chuckle?

Vicki said...

It made me chuckle!

popps said...

chuckles are good here
repetition i try to avoid.