Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Old Cheese and beautiful friendships.

Every now and again I remember that someone might visit my blog for the first time.

Every now and again I write something vaguely interesting, so sometimes I get worried that the bizarre nature of most of the rest will put that first time visitor off - before they get to appreciate this blog, as it needs to be, like a ripening old cheese.

How is that?

I don’t know, er, bit by bit?

With a glass of wine?

When you have had your intellectual fill elsewhere?

If, for example, you had dropped in here for your first visit, you might have decided that I am completely mad.

So on the off chance that you might be someone who has no idea what this blog is all about, and that today is your first day, here are a few words of advice.

There are some formats going on in this blog; they have a beginning somewhere but now have a life of their own. Every Sunday, for example, the blog is hijacked by an alter ego who starts a conversation with me(?) about something or other. It all started out as a Sunday synopsis, morphed into something a little bit almost philosophical, might now be a series of film reviews and probably is a load of nonsense.

Occasionally there are things about living in France, which I do, and sometimes question.

And there are a few months that have a theme. There’s one coming up in June.

There are, as in all works of art, occasional fillers; space taker-uppers to get you from where we were to wherever we go next.

Some of these fillers have become formats – like the “who has been sending me what” on my mobile phone that you can see here.

There are slowly unfolding soap operas.

Ongoing experiments with the scanner.

Occasional topical pieces.

And, very rarely, something that turns out half good. I thought this was a good example but Mary, who reads more of this than I do, says this is better.

So, welcome, stick around, who knows, it may develop into a beautiful friendship.


Mary said...

I can attest to the value of reading the BnB's/SnT blog. Since chancing upon it in April of 2010, I have renewed a friendship and come to appreciate its glorious freshness, creativity and variety.

If you've been lucky enough to find BnB's, get ready to have fun!


PS - Upon re-reading I still think the Picasso post was a stand out!

popps said...

Thankyou Mary, you will be receiving your official "number One" fan certificate soon.
How about