Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Misrule of Law.

There has been a lot of comment recently - amidst all the self-congratulation – expressing surprise that either the Pakistanis or Americans (depending on your take on things) took so long to Find Mr Bin Laden.

Well, it didn’t surprise me!

I lost my keys to the front door and letterbox about six weeks ago and I can’t find them ANYWHERE!

I know that my keys are not the world’s most sought after terrorist but I can assure you that I am very motivated to find them – I do have a spare set for the house so I can get to bed, but I’m sure there must be a cheque in the letter box that would certainly make my life more fun even if it failed to ease relations with the bank.

In fact i would be very happy if The U.S. Seals would come over and help look for them and I am equally happy for the Pakistanis to join in.

Now I hear you scoffing, saying something like; “a set of keys hiding and a wanted villain, are in no way comparable so it is still remarkable that it took so long.”

Oh yeah?

How long have we been looking for Lord Lucan?

And my local post office has mug shots of about 10 people who have been missing for yonks!

We had a game of hide and seek here last summer and we still haven’t found my cousin.

So I reckon it’s pretty easy for a terrorist to hide away if they really want to.

What is really hard, on the other hand - is for the authorities finding them to remember the principles of law, order and justice that they are meant to be upholding.

The real victory of terrorists is bringing the righteous down to their level.


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I wasn't getting at you.
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Mary said...

Re the real victofy of terroists, you nailed it, I'd say.